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At Acacia Wood Carvings, we specialize in handcrafted African home decor, including unique fine African art, authentic African tribal masks, African weaponryAfrican statuesAfrican jewelry, handcrafted and beautiful African mudcloths, fine African art and many other interesting and unique decorative products from all over Africa.  There is a full menu of our product categories on the upper left labeled “Products” or click here to see them in all in a grid.

Our products are sourced from many different African countries enabling us to stock a large and varied range of traditional and contemporary African Artwork. Most of our pieces come directly from the villages of Africa, which allows us to provide you with authentic home decorations at an affordable price. These pieces will bring incredibly unique character and charm to your African home decor. At the same time, you will be supporting the local African artisans that create these wonderful pieces of art. Please take your time and enjoy your trip through Africa!

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