About African Ebony Wood

Ebony wood is an exceptionally dense and beautiful wood found only in the Sahara desert regions of Africa. Its exceptional density not only makes it very heavy, but also gives it an incomparable sheen when polished. Ebony heartwood is one of the most intensely black woods known, which combined with its very high density (it is one of the very few woods that sink in water), fine texture and ability to polish very smoothly, has made it very valuable as an ornamental wood.

Because of the high value and heaviness of this wood, only the master carvers of Africa are able to use it for their craft. The carvers use simple hand tools to produce the works of art sold here at Acacia Wood Carvings.

In ancient days, the royalty of Persia and India would travel to West Africa to find ebony to use for scepters, sculptures and drinking chalices. Ebony wood has a long history of use with carved pieces having been found in ancient Egyptian tombs. The word ebony derives from the ancient Egyptian culture. Even now ebony is considered the most valued and treasured wood to be found. Ebony normally is brown on the outside of the tree, and black on the inside. The carvings often come as a beautiful mixture of black and brown, as well as the pure Blackwood that is most well known. Each piece has its own special beauty.

Like any wood, ebony is subject to drying and cracking, especially in dry climates. Your wood pieces should be cared for with occasional polishing with shoe polish or other moisturizing agents.

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